Randomly Created Bots on Ethereum

After the great robot purge we all thought we were safe, but life is brewing among the scattered remains of the insurgent robots with vengeance fueling their return. With your help we can bring them back to their former glory!

By minting a bot, you will get a random assortment of bot remnants from the junkyard, assembled into one bot. Each bot is randomly generated on the ethereum blockchain and is sellable and tradeable there. After you've collected at least 2 bots, you can then forge them together into a new one, consisting of your favorite parts from each!

Trade and Collect

The bots are made by taking a head, a body, two arms, and two legs from a pool of 29 bots made by 7 different artists! These random bits are generated on the blockchain and then put together into your unique bot with code.

There are close to 600 million possible combinations, but only 2048 will ever be minted!
Some robot parts are also more rare to find!

Combine Favourite Bits Into New Bots

After succesfully reviving your bot army you can start combining two of them together to make a new one consisting of whichever parts you want to keep from the first two! This will burn the previous bots and forge together them into the new one.
If the two bots had the same level, the new forged bot's level will increase by 1!

This means that after all the level 1 bots are minted, the supply will constantly be decreasing!
It will also throw a wrench in the gears of rarities, if most of one common part is burnt because nobody wants it, that part is suddenly rare!

Collect parts to put together a good looking robot, or collect everything from the same collection and make a complete bot.

Project Timeline

Launch the BitBots collection!

Launch Bitbots 3d collection!

Launch a sort of metaverse that will be the first of it's kind...

Use the Bitbots as your playing characters in this "metaverse".

Launch more playing characters.